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Msc. Josue Hidalgo Bolaños

Msc. Josue Hidalgo Bolaños

Law degree with emphasis in Business Consulting and Consulting. LLM degree in business and Tax Law. Specialist in Notarial and Registry Law. Notary Public with experience in the formalization of Credits before Solidarity Associations and Private Credit Institutions. With more than 10 years in the consulting, consulting and positioning of private companies in the country.


Fluid in the Languages


Spanish and English.


Lic. Josué Hidalgo


University School Free of Law: Licensed Law Degree.

University School Free of Law: Specialty in Registration and Notary Law

School of Business Administration of the Technological Institute of Costa Rica: Specialty in Taxes

University for International Cooperation: Master’s Degree in Tax Law

University for International Cooperation: Master of Business Law


Professional experience



From 2006 to 2010:


LandAmerica Commnwealth Title of Central America (Professional Title): Legal Assistant 3 specifically in the Title Insurance Department.






Real estate law and registration law, extensive knowledge of procedures and studies in the Public Registry, preparation of successive tracts of properties.

The current status was determined before the Municipalities, Taxation and Public Registry of real estate. Preparation of legal opinions, Ownership and Encumbrance Reports, Title Search Reports.


From 2005 to 2006:

Corporate Law Firm Doninelli & Doninelli, Associate Legal Advisors: Legal Assistant 1 and 2

Elaboration of judicial writings, civil and commercial contracts. Registration of corporations, management of legal books of companies, registration and legalization before Direct Taxation and exoneration of goods from abroad. Management of foreign clients, processing of their legal status in the country, and various aspects of immigration matters.


2011 to 2018:

HB Abogados y Asesores Fiscales: Lawyer, Advisor and Notary Public Director

Provide advice on corporate and tax matters, Educational Centers and Notarial support to Solidarity Associations.

Elaboration and supervision in labor issues for any type of public or private company. Realization of labor audits, and restructuring.

Investment advice for national and international companies. Realization of Notarial procedures of all kinds. Preparation of Due Diligence for the purchase and sale of companies, and investment.



Business consultant.

Provides advice on corporate issues, financial investment, corporate, labor, tax companies.